Judy Frisk Tree Spirit 1

Welcome to my online studio! I’m an artist, a lover of music and the arts, and I primarily work in mixed-media watercolor. I’ve found creative expression through many different forms of art over the years – hyper-realistic drawings, illustration and photography for websites, posters and album covers, hand-built ceramics, stained glass windows, and as 20 year owner of 2 Worlds Interactive, I designed websites for music and the arts.

In recent years I felt a yearning to work in traditional media again. So I’ve embarked on a new approach to art-making and committed myself to doing it more intuitively by reaching inside and creating art from the soul…art from the heart.

I’ll soon be offering frameable original art, as well as prints and greeting cards of my original artworks. In the meantime, my art blog is open for browsing.