judy frisk sketchbook

2 Worlds Interactive Archives.

As owner and sole designer of 2 Worlds Interactive during the years 1998 - 2018, I designed highly visual custom music and art entertainment web sites for some of the most brilliant, talented and award-winning artists.  I was honored to work closely with many award winning artists: Jazz musicians, composers and conductors, visual artists and entertainment related businesses. Grammy nominated artists, some winners and legends as well - Pharoah Sanders, Gerald Clayton, Gretchen Parlato, Taylor Eigsti, Mark Guiliana, Fred Hersch, Kate McGarry, so many more, as well as actors with cult followings, like Miss Coco Peru. I'm so grateful to each one of these artists -  as a visual artist myself, I learned so much from their humble, ego-free approach and deep commitment to their art.

Throughout most of the years I designed sites, they were all custom designed and coded prior to the introduction of simpler template-based web building platforms. My background training in fine art, music and computer programming made me well-suited for this work, and I had the freedom to create custom designed sites based on how to best express the creative output of each artist I worked with. Each website design was based on deep listening to the artist's music, as well as in depth research and interviews with them. Over the years, I continued working with many of the artists - redesigning and updating for new projects, also designed several subsequent websites for many of them,, resulting in long working relationships, as well as friendships that have lasted many years. This page displays some of the musical artist websites I did over the years.