I did something crazy/impulsive and began a short workshop with Rob Szot. I say 'crazy' because it had already started so I had to catch up, and also coincides with some of the busiest weeks with FYJ. But I was super curious about his approach of working subtractively, and because he's great at composition and I thought I could learn something from him. First he creates a field of chaos and then - following the compositional flow he notices, works subtractively until a sense of order is established 

I don't love this piece I created - I feel like the original "chaos" I laid down already dictated the eventual form and composition - and I don't love the enclosed spiral effect. It seems to be what I do when I work small, even in expressive drawing.

I didn't really enjoy working with collage either in this way. I'd prefer using collage more loosely in combination with painting and/or drawing. I was just forced into working too tightly for my personality. Regardless, his workshop and approach was very interesting.