The assignment was a 6-up sheet exploring tonal values in black and white. But because I'm obsessed exploring new marks and textures, I decided to create the values mostly with textured marks. I like the effect of the white marks over the darker values and textures.
Of the 6 squares, here are 3 I decided to work on and here's one I really want to explore this process further, just in b/w, and then add in a single color and see how the qualities of the added color affect each piece. For example, adding yellow would be treated very differently than burnt sienna, or dark blue. 

Working this way really resonates with me, maybe because I'm incorporating some of my drawing skills into the work, and also creating texture with the ink/paint and water. So I want to continue with these on white and grey paper in sketchbooks, and also at 18x24 and larger on the roll of sketch paper.