This week in FYJ we're supposed to choose specific features of other artists that we find inspiring. I've realized there's a subset of abstract expressionism called Lyrical Abstraction, and it's those artists that inspire me the most. Joan Mitchell for one. Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko, where the intention is something beyond reality... possibly other worldly. That's the feeling I want in all my work, whether realistic or abstract. I also love the way Jennifer Packer and Jenny Saville  incorporate the figure into a loose abstract approach.

This isn’t exactly what I imagined... I started with some black, salmon and tan tissue, then  added some scribbles... hmm, I do like the misty rectangle over the tissue slightly showing thru. So I’ll just look at this for awhile and see how I feel about all these different types of edges. 

I like the semi-transparency of the blue mist. And I also like those smaller black shapes floating freely. And the thin white translucent brush strokes are really cool... and I love the white scribbles over the black.

Actually I think my recent paintings are enough to tell me I do have a definite style emerging, and should follow that. As I work, I need to pay attention to what I most enjoy That includes the colors I seem to react to the most and then I just begin exploring all those elements - work with them large, small, in different configurations, saturated and neutral, light and dark, condensed and sparse.