This started in early August as a couple self-portraits - one I posted 8/8/2023. I proceeded to cut each one down the middle and reassembled each so it was 1/2" offset. I arranged and mounted both on an 18x24" sheet of heavy paperm but the resulting disfigurement was so disturbing to work with, I set it aside. A month later I looked at it again, altered the most disturbing face so some features were closer in alignment, leaving the others offset, and satisfied that it was workable, I also added more paper, enlarging it to 22x30" and put it back away while working on the FYJ course.

That was 3 months ago, and this week I decided to see if I could make something of it. It's my first attempt in trying to merge and overlap different aspects of personality in a self-portrait. The cool thing was how easily I was able to get back into reallistic drawing after a four month break in which I did only abstract work. 

So there's the clothed figure, the fleeting glances showing momentary self-doubt, and the insecure naked figure. I know it's about all our uncertainties abiding inside our courage. It isn't about multiple personalities but rather the layers of underlying emotions and insecurities that exist regardless of our bold appearance.