Well week 11 was on intention... I got confused in how to approach it... I'll try it again, but in the meantime more expressive drawing and my diary painting dominated my time. 

It's suggested that you add to or cover up your diary painting each week, so this is what happened. I'm posting it because altho it's another one with a lot of chaos, it feels like the beginning of something new.  I added a bunch of color areas, and I like my color choices so far, as well as the way most of them interact with the tangle of dark strokes. I’m not sure what to call them, and I’ve never even seen this style which makes me happy, actually.

It's definitely influenced by the collage work I've been doing with Rob Szot, altho I'd already started working this way on this particular painting before hearing about him. I created the field of chaos with the plan to begin simplifying. It's an interesting way to work, altho I feel it becomes a bit too much of a problem-solving project in the resolution phase - and I feel like the more intuitive approach is more suited to me.