The FYJ first week assignment was to paint to music to help get you out of your head. A 2nd assignment was to set up a large sheet on the wall for a daily diary painting that we continue on each week for the 12 weeks and just paint over whatever was there before. You can work either figuratively or non-rep on these, or both.

Today is week 2 and here's my figurative mark-making assignment. I used one of my 12x18 figure drawings and just started collaging on top of it. Much of this piece is collage... then I did a transparent glaze over some of them and used soft pastels over the remaining figure.

I'm having more fun doing artwork than I have for years! There was such a huge reaction to this piece though, I felt pressure to replicate it, so decided to work non-representationally from now on, which is all new to me. With a long background in realistic rendering, I'd like to break free of it and work in a mode where the outcome is unknown and slowly reveals itself to me during the process.