this week FYJ focused on color, and I've studied color theory in the past, but this approach was different and much more practical. She gave assignments to explore contrasts of value, of saturation and of warm/cold. I did them but also continued exploring mark making in my sketchbooks- because it wasn't even a term used when I studied art in college. I also experimented with gouache and tempera and tried adding gel medium to them to make them more permanent. Mixing it with tempera definitely made the tempera more flexible, but I left the gouache as-is. I want to continue exploring both mediums. And I also want to try some studies that begin in watercolor.

A major part of these 12 weeks is ongoing development of a "diary painting" which you add to or paint over each week on an ongoing basis. Mine has gone through numerous phases, but today's felt like something new that I might want to explore further.  I'm exploring contrasting brush strokes, edges and forms. I'm interested to see where this type of thing might develop.