The week-long Find Your Joy taster course was incredible. By the end of the week I already felt a different relationship with my art and creative process. The assignments forced you into unfamiliar territory and continue working while outside your normal comfort zone. Some had you approaching a painting in two different ways and then assess how it affected you. It's all about process rather than results. That's exacly what I want to be focused on so I signed up for the full 12 week course.

In the meantime, I was motivated this weekend to begin a watercolor I've been pondering for over a year and wasn't sure how to begin. This time I jumped in... and finished it in two days!

I'm thinking of calling it Uncertain Journey, not sure yet - but it’s both a vacation journey thru a Roman arena, and also a personal journey where there’s no clear path, there’s perceived danger lurking and there’s arrival in the light at the top of the stairs.