I’m Judy Frisk, I’m an artist working primarily in mixed-media watercolor.

Over the years I’ve found creative expression through many different forms of art, including figure drawing, hand-built ceramics, stained glass, illustration and photography for posters and album graphics.

During many of these years, I also worked in computer programming, multimedia programming and also taught computer graphics.

With the advent of the internet I formed 2 Worlds Interactive and for 20 years designed highly visual, custom websites for music and the arts. I loved working with other creative people, but after so many years working digitally, I began yearning to get my fingers back into a traditional art medium again.

I’m now working in a purely intuitive approach, paying close attention when I feel a true spiritual connection and feel my way through the creative process.

I’ve found once again as in childhood, it’s the spirit within the trees, wind, water, land… the energy within and between them that I feel so much a part of.

My current art work is about the spirit within nature… the presence within it that pulls at my heart and speak to my soul.