a little break through

Figure drawing was really enjoyable and I came away with several really nice drawings. These came out more realistic than expected, but I’m thrilled by the looseness and automatic proportion without even trying. I was amazed because I tried a new approach, starting drawings on toned paper by quickly blocking out the highlights in fairly bold strokes in white chalk/conte. Next I added mid tone shadows, and and/or bits of outlined parts of the body in black line. Sometimes defining the body only by filling in a surrounding negative space value.  

So here’s the first 2-minute pose, done in compressed charcoal. It began here and felt amazing the entire time.

This next two were 3-minute poses done in Conte.

I totally love this reclining one… the looseness, the simple, bold lines… and strangely, all of these started with the placement of white highlights. And here’s the last – a 15 minute pose on darker paper and more time to develop the whole composition. Same confident, bold lines. I went there thinking I’d be drawing abstractly, but I did what I felt was called for, given the model and how I related to the form. I’m really happy with today’s progress!