Figure drawing has been an almost constant practice throughout my life. After dry artistic periods, drawing from a live model has been almost invariably where I’d begin again, to get the gears turning, experience being ‘in the zone’, that space where you can’t formulate words to speak, analyze, think. Instead – look closely, and draw what you see, and it follows that you’d draw it realistically. But I’ve recently become interested in using the figure as the basis for abstraction.

I just began 10-weeks of Short Pose sessions at Barnsdall, with the objective of staying loose, focus on ‘essence’ and lean towards abstraction. Mostly 2-3 minute poses, then a few 5s & 10s, and only one 15 and a 20. This one was a 5-minute pose and I feel good about it. It has possibilities for painting or collage, and for further abstraction.