Tearful goodbye, NYC

NYC Apartment

A few months of preparations, donations, packing, shipping and so many mixed feelings, and this was my last morning of my wonderful 5.5 years in this Upper West Side apartment, following all the years my daughter Gretchen lived here before I did. Right across from the Natural History Museum and a dog run, my doggies were very happy here, especially running off-leash in Central Park only a block away.

During the last couple months of packing, my dogs had become very insecure about everything inside this place gradually disappearing, and here with it completely emptied out, were both waiting to see what might happen next.

It was a good trip back and my doggies did quite well. My place in LA was quite beautiful to come home to until I discovered the roof leaks, termites, critters of all sizes, plumbing leaks and worse yet, actual foundation areas needing replacement. Some had resulted from years of renting it out from across country. But the faulty foundation area had been hidden, unknown for decades, just waiting to finally be discovered. I did, when I found that some critter had been able to get under the house by digging a 1’ hole dug right underneath it! That should have been impossible, had the foundation extended down 18” as legally required. Omg. So after adjusting to the shock of the discovery, I called for foundation estimates. I’d been planning to pick up with my artwork and get right to creating an online shop upon return to LA, but instead, I’ll be facing some months of very expensive and stressful work ahead. Oh geez…