Over the years I’ve found creative expression through many different forms of art. This includes figure drawing, hand-built ceramics, illustration and photography for websites, posters and album covers. I designed and built stained glass windows and taught computer graphics at Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design.

For 20 years I unleashed my secret techie side and worked programming large online banking and government systems and web applications, and converting legacy systems for the internet. In 1998 I formed 2 Worlds Interactive, and designed custom websites for music and the arts. I loved working with every single artist, but began itching to get my hands dirty again. I missed the feel of a brush or pencil against the paper surface. So for the last few years I’ve been gradually making my shift back to fine arts.

My new approach to art-making involves reaching inside and creating more intuitively, from within, from the heart. I’m feeling my way now, while focusing primarily on the process and how I feel inside and my connection to whatever comes from the tip of the brush. If it starts to feel wrong, I stop. This is a new approach for me, but now’s the time for courage and spontaneity.

Art making now feels good, fun, adventurous, and I’m posting the results.