childhood wonders #3

Judy Frisk Childhood Wonders 3

Watercolor and acrylic ink, white gouache. 6×8”.

During my childhood, we lived up in the hills, which were still quite undeveloped at that time. No one really had fences, and at quite a young age I was free to wander trails in an attemp to reach the top of the hill…where the trees reached up to touch the sky. I’d climb up and sit in them, pretending to be a bird. In creating these little landscapes I feel like I can peek back and get a glimpse of that magical view of nature from childhood.

This one started in early September as a quick experiment with textures. I came back to it recently because I saw an energy in it, a quality I remember feeling in childhood. So I began defining the tree trunks a little more with a white gel pen and gouache. Then I remembered those childhood trees reaching upward for the sky. In trying to create this, that liquid sky got pretty wild actually, and a few times I thought my little painting was lost. I saw a place for a faint red moon, or maybe it was Mars.

I’ve included the original experiment. It was messy but I liked it, and now it looks like a less dramatic daytime version of the final phase.