Volcanic State

Judy Frisk Volcanic State

Watercolor, Acrylic ink, gouache, 5×8”
This just started out as painted stripes sprayed with water, to test some new Daniel Smith granulating watercolors I’d just bought. Moonglow, a beautiful paint with both violet and blue overtones, lightened with a bit of white gouache at the bottom became a sort of waterfront, Hematite Genuine became a tree lined road or beach along the water, and Piemontite Genuine the pinkish sky above. At the very top, transparent Raw Sienna acrylic ink clouds mixed with Quin Gold watercolor dripped down thru the pink sky.

This sat on my table until the state of politics reached a truly insane frenzy this week and a POTUS described as being “In a volcanic state.” And suddenly a line of potential volcanos were staring at me in the face from this little study!, and all of it viewed through a fisheye lens. I did very little detail painting to create this. I painted some black hills to reach the orange drips and create volcanoes, a few dabs of darks to make the tree trunks below a little more convincing. I wish accidents like this could happen more often. I really love it.